Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How I can find female and male body massage partner here?

It’s easy to find body massage partner i.e. female and male on MyMassagePartner. Only you need to create your profile and start searching body massage partner as per your requirements and interests. You can select gender, location, and other criteria by which we can provide you best results in search page.

Why membership required for body massage partner?

We understand your concern, also would like to appreciate you to take membership and get ready for body massage with your partner male or female. With MyMassagePartner membership, you will be able to send messages as well as make call to your body massage partners anytime. Also, our 24/7 support team will help you in finding your body massage partner if or when you are in need. We will recommend your profile to other registered users who looking for same buddy as his or her body massage partner. Membership will definitely help you in finding best and most desirable female and male body partner for massage.

What are the benefits of body massage partner membership?

  • You will be able to chat with female and male body massage partner.
  • You will be able to see contact details of female or male body massage partner.
  • You will find best female and male massage partner nearby you.
  • You will get support from MyMassagePartner team members i.e. Rose, Jasmine, and others 24/7.
  • You will get the female and male body massage partner details in premium way.
  • You can find free body massage in your location.

How can I see the contact numbers of female and male body massage partners?

It’s is easy to see contact numbers and start chat with desired female and male body massage partners anytime. Please take membership and you will be able to see the contact numbers of female and male massage partners and can chat as well 24/7. Click and get your membership now!

How can I pay for membership fees?

It’s easy to pay for lifetime membership fees through our 3-D secured payment gateways . We have 100% secured and world’s best payment gateway i.e. Stripe and PayPal. You can pay annual membership fees through Stripe/PayPal via debit or credit card.

Here the steps:

Step 1 - Login with your MyMassagePartner registered email ID and password.
Step 2 - Choose 'Membership Now!' and click on 'Pay Now'.
Step 3 - Pay via debit or credit card

And you’re done!

Why I need to fill my address on membership payment form? I want complete privacy.

Your billing address is just for payment information. We will not save your billing address also we will not communicate to your address. We respect your right to privacy and your privacy will be highly secured on MyMassagePartner.

What about my privacy? I want complete privacy.

No worries! We understand you and your needs. MyMassagePartner respect ‘right to privacy’ and your all information will be 100% safe with us. We have 3-D level secured website (HTTPS) and great reputation in terms of our user’s privacy. So, let’s start and find your massage partner.